Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro: Voice Over Recording

Record voice directly into the Timeline.

Do you ever do any screen recording for tutorial example, then ended up with lousy audio? That’s just happened to me. So I need a back up or re-record my tutorials again. But I hate it when I need to take out my audio recorder (Sony ICD-UX560 Digital Voice Recorder with Built-In USB) and a Rode smarlav mic just to do it. It’s a tedious process. So… I decided to use Voice-over record features that we have in Adobe Premiere Pro. Let’s dig it……..

These are few steps you need to do to start recording:

  1. Right click on the Audio track > Customize…
  2. Enable Voice Over Record button from Button Editor
  3. Drag the Voice over record button into the Audio Track
  4. Goto Edit > Preferences > Audio Hardware
  5. In Audio Hardware : Default Input : Your microfon….
  6. Goto Edit > Preferences > Audio : Check ‘Mute input while recording’ box
  7. Goto Audio Track Mixer > Enable ‘R’ = Record on the selected Audio track
  8. Goto selected Audio Track > Right click > Voice over record settings…
  9. Pick your preference countdown (I enable preroll 3)
  10. Place the playhead at where you wanted to start recording
  11. Click Voice Over Record button and wait till preroll finish counting 3…2…1… and start recording your voice!
  12. Press ‘Stop’ / space bar to stop recording
  13. Press ‘Play’ / space bar to view recorded voice

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