One-to-One Session

A one on one session dedicated to changing the way you see and work with your editing tools.

Sometimes we need a private session to learn a technical subject with better focus and few distractions from others. If you are interested in one-to-one guidance on getting started, following your own phase of learning the technical tools and editing lingo, a one-to-one session might be just right for you.

Individual sessions are tailored to meet your specific needs and are largely guided by you. They may include a combination of fundamental process of the subject (theoretically and comprehensively), consultation, brainstorming, feedback, workflow structure, and deeper guidance.

These sessions are appropriate for beginners who’ve taken a class or self-taught learner who wish to dive deeper.

Sharingbasics offers private session and customized training at your office or at our classrooms. Whether you need introductory Adobe courses for a group, or an advanced Adobbe class, we can help you and your team get the skills they need both quickly and effectively.  Contact Sharingbasics to learn more about our private session by either using the form below or calling us at: +6013 933 7594 / +6014 5118 873