Azyan Syazwani Rozik


Hi, I'm Azyan Syazwani, a photographer based in Kuala Lumpur. I have been in this field for almost 6 years and I'm still excited to learn something new everyday. "Work your passion!"--that's the dream and I'm making it true. A camera is like a magic wand to me. It captures the images that visualise, it conveys the emotions into a static piece of art.

Moody Cafe Preset
• Able to bring the moody mood especially with the cafe ambience photos
• Able to present moody vibe but still looks pastelish
• You can also try for outdoor photos but might need to control the temperature from blue to yellow
• You can control the contrast to give the best result for your photo
Warm Pastel Preset
• Suitable for the colourful environment
• Able to give the pleasant contrast look
• Best with outdoor light source of photos
• Also best with beach photos
• You can control the brightness and contrast
Night Street Preset
• Able to bring the dark contrast mood especially for night shots
• Good for street photos Control the yellowish to blueish with temperature only
• You can control the brightness to give the best result for your photo
• You can also try to test this preset with indoor event (hall) if you like the contrast look picture
Ructic Green Preset
•Able to bring the rustic green mood in the photo
•Best with the nature shots
•This kind of tone is very popular among western photo style
•Best with beach vibe photos
•You can also test with indoor shots, it could give a very gloomy-dark vibe
•You can control the brightness, contrast, temperature and tint to give the best result for your photo