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How to install .XMP Lightroom Preset (Desktop)

The new Lightroom 7.3 Update introduced a new way to work with presets. The old .Irtemplate files have been exchanged with the newer .xmp format. This changes might seem new to some people, but to use it makes working and installing presets more than ever!

The .xmp format has been used in Photoshop for Camera Raw before, while Lightroom used the .Irtemplate format. But now, the Camera Raw and Lightroom work with the same .xmp format. Your old Presets have been automatically converted into .xmp once you updated to Lightroom Classic 7.3, and this how to install the new .xmp file into Lightroom.

  1. Open Lightroom.
  2. Go to your Develop Module ( Top right corner )
  3. Click the + on your Presets tab and hit “Import Presets”

That’s all! The Preset can be used in Lightroom now, and you will find it when you open the Presets tab under User Presets. This is by far the quickest and easiest way to install Lightroom Presets in the newest version of Lightroom. You can even install .Irtemplate files in the same way.

If you want to have a clean folder structure for your Lightroom Presets, this is how you can arrange your assets better.

Installing the .xmp format as a folder

  1. Open Lightroom.
  2. Go to Lightroom in your main menu and hit Preferences

3. Click on Show Lightroom Develop Presets in the Preferences Menu

4. Paste your Preset Folder containing the .xmp files into Settings

5. Restart Lightroom and enjoy your Presets

You should be able to see all of your imported Presets as a folder in Lightroom and Camera Raw as well now. Play around with them and have fun!

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