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How to Install Lightroom Presets (Mobile App)

Make sure you have Adobe Lightroom CC (Mobile) installed. You can purchase here.

You can download either one of these apps to open the .zip files. 

Check your email after you complete the purchasing to receive the download link. 

 1. Download the DNG file to your phone

Using the mobile app of iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive or Google Photos, download the .zip file into your phone.

Wait for the file finish to download. It may takes some time because the file is quite large (ie: 78MB or above)

2. Once finished downloading, locate the file (download folder).

3. Click the .zip file to unzip / extract it.

4. Open the extracted folder.

5. Select one of the presets to save/import into your Library / Camera Roll.

6. Save the preset file.

7. Now, open Lightroom CC Mobile App

8. Create New Album

9. Import the saved preset file just now into Lightroom CC Mobile App.

10. Copy the Preset settings.

11. Select any photos that you want to edit from your Library / Camera Roll

12. Paste the copied Preset settings onto the image

13. Adjust Exposure or other settings as you wish

14. Save / Export the image

Here’s the result…

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